New Ichthyosaur species found by Stone treasures.

New Ichthyosaur species found by Stone treasures.

This rare fossil of a prehistoric marine reptile has recently been handed over to The National Museums of Scotland for further investigation to determine

Whether this ichthyosaur is a newly discovered species.

This find is possibly a newly discovered Ichthyosaur species of a “rare reptile” which was found on the Isle of Skye. as the Edwinstowe owner shared “pride” in contributing to research and science.

Mark, who found the specimen in 1999, said: “In February 1999 while walking along the beach of Bearraig Bay at low tide, I noticed what appeared to be bone fragments in two large blocks washed out of faulted boulders.

“There were also a few pieces of similar smaller rock close by. They looked as if they had all fallen out from the shale – a previous storm had lifted shale including large blocks forward onto the beach.

“The larger blocks were at least 20 tons. Due to the size of the boulders these were left on the beach.”

The National Museums of Scotland have since collected the specimen – which may indicate a new species of Ichthyosaur.

Mark said he was “honoured" to pass over the specimen to the National Museums of Scotland to be researched and put on display.

He said: “The specimen was found on the land owned by Clan Donald but they have agreed to let the National Museums of Scotland have the specimen and a copy will be produced for the Isle of Skye Museum.

“It was also agreed by ourselves and the museum that the specimen returns to Scotland as it is unique and research will now follow to ascertain if it is a new species. We are proud to contribute to research and science.”

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