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Shells, Belemnites & Bivalves for Sale

Bi-values or molluscs, which includes mussels, oysters and clams have 2 parts to their shells and have inhabited the seas for over 500 million years (Cambrian) which was 300 million years before the dinosaurs. Fossil bivalves were formed when the sediment in which they were buried was compressed and hardened into rock.

Belemnites are an extinct group of marine cephalopods which are similar to modern cuttlefish and squid. They first appeared in the Devonian period - 416 million years ago and became extinct during Cretaceous times.

They were cigar shaped, had an ink-sac (like cuttlefish and squid) but no tentacles, instead they had 10 arms which had small hooks for grabbing prey, such as fish, which they ate with beak shaped jaw. Their shell sizes ranged from 60cm to about 1cm in length. Therefore, the overall length of the largest would have probably been about 3 meters.

Come and see what Bi-values and Belemnites and shells we have for sale below.

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