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Corals are simple soft bodied marine invertebrates that have a skeletons of hard calcium carbonate and live in colonies. Fossils corals are found in sedimentary rocks worldwide. Originally, in Cambrian times. If corals are cut across, it reveals sections of branches or tubes that look like small circles. If cut long ways they give the impression of fine branches.

They range from Favosites, with shallow shells - Cambrian to Permian, Flabellum with unique radiating tubes – Tertiary, Halysites, sheets or chains of tubes - Cambrian to Siluruan, Heliolites have random shapes similar to coral today, Silurian to Devonian, Lithostrotion made form tubes that are often large and spread apart - Mississippian to Pennsylvanian, Montlivaltia, cone shaped - Triassic, Rugose, conical shaped with tubes – Cambrian to Permian, Syringopora, loose tubes Siluarian to Mississippian, Thamnasteria like shallow cone shaped shells.

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